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SX Rules
[Image: vgltt0.png]

These are the official rules of SoulXile.

  • No more than 3 accounts are to be logged in at one time from any given player.

  • Be courteous, if you have an issue with somebody, resolve it in private messages, not the public or clan chat. (Flaming)

  • If you don't want your items scammed, seek out a staff member as a middle-man.

  • Botting and auto-clickers are not allowed.

  • Bug Abuse of any kind is not tolerated. If you find a bug, please post on the forums under bugs and give detailed description on the bug.

  • Real world trading or purchase of any 3rd party to gain an advantage is not allowed.

  • Staff Impersonation is not tolerated.

  •  Threatening/threats of any kind is subject to punishment even if it wasn't serious.
Please note if these rules are broken this will result in a punishment. If you feel you have been punished for the wrong reason please post on the forums under 'appeal' and a staff member will review this.

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